Primary Colors

Posted in Uncategorized on July 16, 2012 by kingbigby

I’ve become obsessed with the idea of reinvention. More direct, reinventing oneself. The concept of accepting where you are at and what you have accomplished and, more importantly, what you haven’t. What you aren’t. What you’ve lost in the fire or gave up to the winds. Who you are at this exact moment as an individual and as an artist, or maybe you aren’t an artist in which case this blog/project probably won’t be of any interest to you. Reinvention offers a change, a way out, an alternative beginning or a new ending. This natural physiological  and behavioral phenomenon occurs in patterns. In my experience, the ages of 16, 18, 21, and 23 seem to of had the most direct occurrences of these alterations to my character and I have been told that 26, apparently, will be another “big year for changes” for me. This time, I want to get back to the basics, the primary colors of my character, what made me an artist and an individual before I began working at is marrow-sucking, dead end 9 to 5 waste of my time office job. This obsession with reinvention got me thinking that I needed to bring myself back to the primary colors of my life. What are my primary colors? My Red, Blue and Greens? Before, they had changed into something I grew to loathe but now I believe I’ve found a more honest and simple trinity: Family, Art, and ambition.